Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Naturopathic Medicine: A Good Bet in Seattle

Almost all parents are familiar with the conventional medical system: with pediatricians, antibiotics, medications, immunizations, etc. The most common form of medical treatment in the United States, conventional medicine (also called allopathic medicine) aims to treat disease and diagnose pathology, but often do not address the root causes of the pathology or how to treat those root causes. Instead symptoms are treated as they arise, often without regard to what is causing them or attempting to prevent their reoccurence.

Some parents are disatisfied with this form of medicine for themselves and their children, and instead of turn to alternative healing methods (often called holistic): including chiropractors, massage therapists, accupunturists and naturopathic doctors.

Seattle is a great place to be if you are a parent seeking a more holistic approach to medical care. It doesn't take long to realize that, as a newcomer drives around the city streets of Seattle and sees many, many offices and signs for chiropractors, massage, accupunture and naturopathic doctors.

As an introduction to naturopathic medicine, the five aims of naturopathy (nature cures) are:
1. First, do no harm
2. To co-operate with the healing power of nature
3. To address the fundamental cause of disease
4. To heal to whole person through individualized treatment
5. To teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine

Dr Anca Martalog describes naturopathy this way, " Naturopathic Medicine IS holistic care; it integrates the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body in order to find the root cause of disease and its symptoms and treat them using natural, safe and effective methods such as acupunvture&chinese medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathy, diet, nutrition&supplements, amongst other tools."

Recently, I started seeking out naturopathic health care in Seattle and was suprised at how many options I found!

I've established a relationship with Seattle Natural Family Medicine at 15th and 80th NE for pediatric care for my 15 month old little boy, as well as well woman care for myself. Being disatisfied with conventional pediatric care, I found the atmosphere of the office, as well as the philosophy of the Naturopathic Doctors refreshing. An additional bonus of their practice is they offer a sliding fee scale to low income families, making their care even more afforable out of pocket than costs covered by some health insurance companies.

Other Naturopathic Medicine offices with pediatric services in Seattle include:
Seattle Healing Arts on 9th Ave NE
One Sky Wellness located on 9th Ave NE
Or you can go directly to the source at the Basytr Center for Natural Health.

Many of the NDs (Naturopathic Doctors) in Seattle received their medical degree from Basytr University located in Kenmore, just north of Seattle off Lake City Way. Many NDs use a sliding fee scale that makes naturopathic care available to low-income families, and many NDs are covered by local insurance companies including Group Health, Aetna, Primera, Regence, etc.

Not only is this form of care plentiful in the Seattle area, its also becoming more and more accessible to families of all income levels.

*Note: DSHS Healthy Options Medicaid for children's health insurance does not currently cover any naturopathic doctors.

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